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Welcome to Yamadaya

Yamadaya was founded as a manufacturer of momiji-manju (a maple-leaf-shaped bun with bean-jam filling), in Miyajima in 1932.

Thereafter, for more than 85 years, we work up with the spirit "cherishing each confection" and "the satisfaction of the consumers" has always been our joy.

We keep to make putting the passion of a confectioner and the feeling of thanks to the customers into every small buns.

We continue to work for the creation of new flavor and service. For the future, we are focusing on research aimed at meeting the food needs of our customers, while maintaining our traditional old-shop flavor.

President Yasufumi NAKAMURA

Company Overview

Company's Name
Yamadaya Co., Ltd.
October 20, 1932
Location of the headquarter
835-1 Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi-shi,Hiroshima-pref,Japan

Our Major Products

We are extremely proud of our momiji-manju. Since the establishment of a business, it has always been our main product and we keep making improvements to produce it all this while.

We manage our own bean-jam production plant. The ingredient of our original bean-jam is Hokkaido red beans. We make our special bean-jam to dehull each bean and boil them.The smooth bean jam which kneaded with the sugar which selected carefully is light purple, and the taste is refined and plainly.

We also produce other types of momiji-manju (including custard, chocolate, cheese and so on), those come to 12 kinds in total. In addition, we have lineup associated with Miyajima Island, for example Shakushi-Senbei crackers,Miyajima-Mikasa, and those are pleased by many as a souvenir of world heritage Miyajima.

In addition, Toyoka which started release in 2000 received the Honorary President’s Award at the 24th All-Japan Confectionery Expo (2002) and has evaluation high nationwide.

Please eat with relish Yamadaya’s confections of our pride.

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